Friday & Saturday marks Rounds 1 & 2 of the Dalton’s Down Under Tour

A couple tidbits for Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway this weekend. The Kings of Thunder Winged 360 Sprint Car portion will be Rounds one and two of the Dalton’s Down Under “Kings of Thunder Lord of the Rings Tour.”
This Friday and Saturday will also mark the initial two points paying races of the season for the Kings of Thunder 360s, after running a few non-point shows thus far.
More on the Dalton’s Down Under Tour:
Keller Auto Speedway Promoter Peter Murphy fashioned the idea and has a deal in place to have the high-point earner during a select series of Kings of Thunder events receive a chance to pilot the Dalton’s No. 11 in New Zealand.
Not only will the high-point earner during the special series within a series receive the opportunity, but there will also be a random draw for those ranking second through 10th (who compete at 100% of the races). The person selected will have the opportunity to visit New Zealand and take in the races during that same time.